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Monday, July 4, 2016

Why do you choose to study aboard?
Haonan Yin

At the very beginning, the reason why choose this program is trying to meet my graduation requirement, a 300 level communication course, a major course, don’t mention the leading professor I already familiar with. However, with the time goes by, I founds something else, something that may have more effects to the way that I perceive the world, the way that I interpret myself. The reason why I feel in that is because the program to me is, while you immersed in a new culture feel the culture and value attack your brief and thoughts, learning the knowledge about the culture.

Culture is a fascinating thing thing, it is every where in the place that human existed, but it can not be toughed easily by your fingers. You need to actually immerse into the culture, use empathy to feel what those people feel, think what they think. But the problem about it, you are easily lost in it, begin to lost your position, your identity, your anchor between this world and you spirt world. So, you need someone with knowledge and experience to guide you, give you something to maintain your ration. Thus, that is the reason why this program so good, because you can process both of these things. And that make you wiser and critical in your future life. And that is the most important reason why I believe this program so great.

Also, in this program, you have enormous chance to have the conversation to the local people. Those people have a totally different life with you, hear their story, feel their pain and pleasure. In this trip you could see some glory past and solitude present, some harsh childhood and peace life they have right now, see some hate that could let thousands of people suffer and die, see some sacrifice or compromise that bring the whole continent in peace. You could see it and feel it, those thing are right in your eyes, in every corners of the city, the country. Those things are the witness of the culture, history, the best and the worst of humankind.

And the the most important thing of this trip, you could find something that may actually change your life. The people you talk with, the history you learn, the building you visit, the difficulty that you go through, the happiness you feel, all of them mix together and give you great lesson that will be extremely helpful to your future life, which is the great example that could guild you how to choose in the same situation.

In conclusion, this is a wonderful experience to me. I enjoyed and l leaned a lot through this program. I may not like you, you may not fully understand what I try to explain right now. So, just come and see, explore your own unknown world, embrace you own unexpected journey, reach your own final frontier. And trust me, please, that worth it, you will know, the life is much more complex and simple than you think,

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